Loan Management Portal

Platform to Manage your Loan - Finance

We've built this platform with Node.js which completely automates the loan lifecycle.

    Loan Management Portal
    Automated Lifecycle
    Automated Lifecycle to look after the Customer's journey
    Xero Integration
    To adjust and post the installment amount.
    Financial Reports
    Display Payplan and payment reports.
    Commission Logs
    It maintains the commission logs of each account

    Our Great Features

    We have automated the entire loan lifecycle. Our applications look after the customer journey starting from customer’s account creation, their product, purchase plan and their basic information like bank details. Once the customer agrees on paying their instalment amounts, we start adjusting it and we have also integrated financial / accounting (like Xero) application for posting it. Based on the customer’s payment we display their financial report which includes the account status like customer has paid in advance or in arrears etc.

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    Loan Management Portal

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