Binghi's Boutique
Binghi's Boutique
The Challenge
In Today’s world, Everything we want we can get at our fingertips. Binghi’s Boutique has their Website from where users can shop but they found their most of the users are love to buy things from mobile. So, by thinking of their customer’s convenience they wanted to create an application where users can get things from minimum click and less step process.
Our Approach
We collaborated with the talented team of Binghis with an objective to design an experience that lasts and grows on the user’s cognizance with time. Binghi’s team assisted and guided us in understanding their product’s purpose and its perceived usability by the users. A thorough understanding of their business model and product’s core objectives coupled with our extensive experience in the E-Commerce domain helped us identify the right approach towards determining the design language for the application and how we can cut down the steps of the process.
The Result
We adopted a minimalistic approach while designing the interface of the application. The reason behind this was to keep the app extremely intuitive and easy to use. The core ideas were to create unique designs, menus, and process completion. Subtle color tones worked well to keep the interface light and intuitive. The typography style has been selected keeping easy readability in mind and the vertical menu gives an amazingly unique experience to the app.

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