Flower Booking E-Commerce Platform

Expedite Florist is a Cross-Platform Mobile Application developed with Android, iOS & React Native to Book your customized Flowers or Bonquets for your Special Occasion.

    Expedite Florist
    Supported Devices
    Cross-Platform Technology to Support All Devices
    User Friendly and Reliable design
    Product filters
    Identifying the range of attributes and values for new products
    Bottom tab bar
    In bottom tab bar,each destination represented by icon.

    Our Great Features

    We made this Mobile Application using Android, iOS and React Native to give users the best experience in every Display as well as it improves the time and workflows. we Provide Product Filters and Price Filters for defining product taxonomy.

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    On time Delivery

    User can Book thier Customized Bouquet and Flowers and get delivery on time.

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    Cross-Platform App

    Expedite Florist has the ability to run on multiple computing platforms like Android, iOS and React Native.

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    Expedite Florist

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