Exam Management Portal

A Platform to Test Medical Skills

We have made this Exam Management Portal with the use of PHP & Codeigniter using JavaScript Libraries especially for the doctors, nurses, and mdcns to test their medical skills, On this platform, Admin can add the Course as well as Question Banks so, the users can test their medical skills by giving mock tests and exams.

    Exam Portal
    All Domain Access
    To Give a personalized Dashboard to each user as per their course.
    CRUD Operations
    Admin can Perform CRUD Operation and View the Data.
    To give you the best experience in every Device
    Report & History
    Each user can view the reports and history of their given exams

    Our Great Features

    Here, we have provided all domain Access so that each user can sign in with their given id & can get a personalized Dashboard as per their course, Admin can Add, Edit and Delete the Course , Users as well as Question Banks. User can View their Report & History of given exams from Reports & History Function. For the Paid exams user need to do the subscription from the provided packages

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    Responsive Portal

    We have made this Responsive with the use pf PHP & CodeIgniter to manage portal from Any Device, Any Time, Any Where

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    Data Anyalytics

    Admin can view, Edit and Delete the Data of users and users can also View the Report and History of their given exams

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    Exam Portal

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