Buy and Sell Digital Currency Online

OtcCoinDesk is a Responsive Cryptocurrency Platform for Buying and Selling Digital Currency online. We have developed the custom PHP Backend to help you to get the Live Currency Exchange Rates.

    Cryptocurrency Web App
    Third Party Integration
    Trulioo - Identity Mine for Instant Verification
    Real-time KYC
    Real-time KYC to Prevent Fraud and Better Security
    Customer on-boarding
    To help our customers through the entire process.
    Currency Exchange
    Live currency exchange rates for the latest updates.

    Our Great Features

    OtcCoinDesk is a platform for Buying and Selling Digital Currency. It shows the live data of all the digital currency like Bitcoin, Zcash, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Users can also read the Blog, articles, Press Release, and Current market trends from the website.

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    Live Market Rates

    For Starting a Trade user can easily track the current exchange rates from here and compare the market rates from graph.

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    Graphical Crypto View

    We have Designed this with the mindset to give our users the Complete Graphical Cryptocurrency User Experience

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    Real Time KYC
    User Management
    Trulioo Integration
    Customer Management
    Cryptocurrency Conversion
    Identity Mine Integration
    Real Time Data Sync